Panorama des musées en cours de création, extension ou rénovation dans le monde.


  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Cherbourg (Réouverture en mars 2016)


  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Pont Aven (Réouverture en mars 2016)


  • Grotte Chauvet EXTENSION

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Une grotte Chauvet bis ouvrira fin 2014 (05/04/2013)

Découvrez les premières reproductions de la grotte Chauvet (24/04/2013)



  • British Museum EXTENSION

British Museum’s £135m extension is on time and on budget, say curators (29/04/2013)

  • Birmingham library EXTENSION

£188m Birmingham library project ready for finishing touch – 2.3m books (29/04/2013)

  • Science Museum EXTENSION

Science Museum to open £15.6m technology wing with BT and Google backing (29/04/2013)

£15.6m tech wing in Science Museum aims to inspire future UK stars (30/04/2013)


  • Moscow museum of Western art RE-CREATION

Russia’s great museums feud over revival plan of Moscow museum of Western art (01/05/2013)


  • Abba Museum CREATION

Dans son premier musée, le groupe Abba conjugue disco et techno ! (Clic France, 08/05/2013)

Abba – The Museum expected to be a big hit (05/05/2013)

ABBA museum opens (06/05/2013)



FIFA announce football museum will be in Zurich at a cost of $200m! (25/04/2013)


  • Musée des écrivains (Chicago) CREATION (ouverture en 2017)

Un Musée des écrivains américains à Chicago en 2017 (actualitté, 30/10/2015)


  • Georges Lucas Museum (SF, Californie) CREATION

George Lucas Wants to Open a Museum – AMC Movie News

Star Wars Director George Lucas Named A Finalist To Create New Museum In San Francisco (29/04/2013)

George Lucas wants to build a $250 million art museum in San Francisco (06/03/2013)

  • LACMA (LA, California) EXTENSION

LACMA draws up ambitious plans for a $650-million new look (01/05/2013)


New Met Galleries Mean Fewer Blockbusters, Gift Shops (02/05/2013)

  • Shrem art museum (Californie) CREATION 

Davis: Design chosen for Shrem art museum (01/05/2013)

  •  The Mexican Museum (Californie) EXTENSION

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¡Adelante! The Mexican Museum moves forward in 2013 (03/05/2013)

  • 9/11 Museum CREATION

A look at the 9/11 Museum’s first exhibit, which will showcase recorded memories (10/04/2013)

9/11 museum at Ground Zero will charge for admission, angering family members of victims (04/05/2013)