Baromètre mondial de partage social des contenus muséaux / 12 mai – 18 mai 2014 (Museum Analytics)

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Chaque semaine, le site du Clic France publie le baromètre mondial de la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux des contenus muséaux établi par Museum Analytics. La semaine dernière, aucun musée français n’était présent.



Contenus muséaux les plus « partagés » sur Facebook


22 654 Art People Gallery

Creative Illustrator Draws Himself into the Frame by:Dan Lesterdrawnon (Creative Illustrator Draws Himself into the Frame by:Dan Lesterdrawn …

19 797 Art People Gallery

By:Do Ho SUH, Karma

17 185 Art People Gallery

Photo of the day by Kyle Thompson | Art People Gallery

16 417 Art People Gallery


15 123 Art People Gallery

Photo of the day by Reidl Rómeó | Art People Gallery 

12 523 Royal Collection Trust

Here are some photos from the first day of Prince Harry’s official visit to #Estonia! His Royal Highness attended a ceremony in Freedom Squ …

12 031 Art People Gallery

Totally stunning work by Pichiavo in Spain | Art People Gallery

11 968 Art People Gallery

Germany artist Patrick Bremer (Germany artist Patrick Bremer)

10 578 Art People Gallery

Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski cleverly uses satire to portray today’s social, political and cultural reality. At first sight, his illu …

10 439 National September 11 Memorial Museum

Today, we dedicate the National September 11 Memorial Museum. With its opening, we take a major step forward in fulfilling a solemn commitme …



Contenus les plus « partagés » sur Twitter


441 Museo del Prado

Feliz San Isidro! “La pradera de San Isidro”, Goya (1788) #SanIsidro

373 British Film Institute

Swiss artist and designer of Ridley Scotts Alien H. R. Giger has passed away. RIP

346 Tate

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art” – Paul Cezanne. #ArtistQuote

346 Museum of Modern Art

Happy birthday to Georges Braque! The term “Cubism” was derived from a review of his work.

343 Tate

Happy Birthday Dante Gabriel Rossetti

297 British Museum

Born #onthisday in 1828: Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Here he is lamenting the death of his wombat

278 Museum of Modern Art

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” #PabloPicasso Make art at any age!

275 Victoria and Albert Museum

Pre-Raphaelite artitst Dante Gabriel Rossetti was born #onthisday in 1828. See The Day Dream in our paintings gallery

268 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Happy 78th birthday Frank Stella! Learn about “Harran II” 1967 from the Guggenheim collection:

264 Metropolitan Museum of Art

He understood human nature, how people want to adorn themselves and be spectacular. @marcjacobs on #CharlesJames

Sources: Museum Analytics

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