Baromètre mondial de partage social des contenus muséaux / 22 – 28 avril 2013 (Museum Analytics)

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Chaque semaine, le site du Clic France publie le baromètre mondial de la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux des contenus muséaux établi par Museum Analytics. La semaine dernière, aucun musée français n’a apparu dans le Top 10 des contenus muséaux les plus relayés sur facebook dans le Monde ou le Top 10 des messages sur twitter.  

Contenus muséaux les plus “partagés” sur Facebook

6105 Saatchi Gallery

Happy birthday to the British artist known as ‘the painter of light’ – J M W Turner who is believed to have been born today in 1775 – or so …

5371 Tate

5371 Happy Birthday JMW Turner! Born on this day in 1775… In one word, how does his work make you feel? (Happy Birthday JMW Turner! Born on thi …

4750 Saatchi Gallery

Happy birthday to the French painter Eugene Delacroix born April 26, 1798. Here’s one of his most famous paintings, Liberty Leading The Peop …

4426 Saatchi Gallery

Today we remember the pioneering work of the American landscape 4426 photographer Ansel Adams who died 22 April 1984. Adams said: “A goodphotogr …

4422 Saatchi Gallery

Happy weekend and happy walks with Christos’ Wrapped Trees, a project created at the Fondation Beyeler and Berower Park, Riehen, Switzerland …

4280 Museum of Modern Art

“See ‘The Scream’… because it’s time for a level-headed look at this zeitgeisty little outburst of psychosis.” – The New York Times On …

4009 Saatchi Gallery

In celebration of the anniversary of Willem de Kooning’s birthday today Saatchi Online has created an exhibition of abstract art from Americ …

3939 Museum of Modern Art

Willem de Kooning was born 109 years ago today. Explore de Kooning’s works by theme, period, and methods in the site created for his 2011 re …

3648 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Camille Doncieux (Monet’s mistress and later wife) appears in five paintings in “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity,” modeling the latest …

3606 Metropolitan Museum of Art

3606 “Birds in the Art of Japan” presents approximately 150 works in various media from medieval times to the present. Displays of paintings are …

Contenus les plus “partagés” sur Twitter

1606 Hop Museum

684 Hop Museum


397 Tate

The #TurnerPrize 2013 shortlist is Laure Prouvost, Tino Sehgal, David Shrigley and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

263 The British Library

Mary Wollstonecraft was born #onthisday in 1759. She’s best known for her book A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

182 Tate

Happy birthday to J.M.W. Turner! Born on this day in 1775 #turner #art

160 The British Library

Happy birthday to the great William Shakespeare! #Shakespearebirthday

153 Tate

Are you excited for #Lowry at Tate Britain this summer? RT NOW to win a Lowry poster!

150 Science Museum

We’re bringing the #LHC to London this November with Collider, our new exhibition #smCollider

141 Museum of Modern Art

Willem de Kooning was born 109 years ago today. Explore #deKooning’s works by theme, period & methods here:

120 Museum of Modern Art

Want to see the actual location depicted in #TheScream? It’s on this road between Oslo & Nordstrand, Norway: 

Museum Analytics et la France

34 musées et lieux culturels français sont actuellement intégrés dans l’outil d’analyse Museum Analytics.

Source: Museum Analytics

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