Baromètre mondial du partage social des contenus muséaux – 21/27 janvier 2013 (Museum Analytics)

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Chaque semaine, nous publierons sur le site du Clic France le baromètre mondial de la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux des contenus muséaux établi par Museum Analytics.

La semaine dernière (21/27 janvier), 4 posts du Louvre ont figuré dans le Top 10 des contenus muséaux les plus relayés sur facebook dans le Monde, et notamment les 2 premiers de ce Top mondial.

Contenus muséaux les plus diffusés sur Facebook 

33 630 Musée du Louvre
Il neige à Paris… (Il neige à Paris…)

33 630 Musée du Louvre
Il neige à Paris… (Il neige à Paris…)

8 707 Saatchi Gallery
We love this photo of Picasso dancing in his studio in Cannes with his wife Jacqueline Roque. The photo is by David Douglas Duncan.

7 195 Van Gogh Museum
Starry Night in Paris! Source: Loving Vincent

7 116 Philbrook Museum of Art
THIS is why we visit museums. Art is life. Pass it on!!!

7 114 Musée du Louvre
Last days / Derniers jours pour visiter l’exposition « Chypre entre Byzance et l’Occident, IVe-XVIe siècle »

6 708 Metropolitan Museum of Art
Gorgeous gowns and accessories are assembled on our Pinterest board, The Wedding: A Visual Feast. Which dress from the …

6 553 Saatchi Gallery
The Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani, who died today in 1920, said: “What I am seeking is not the real and not the unreal but rather the un …

5 838 Saatchi Gallery
Happy birthday to Manet who was born today in 1832. Here’s his famous painting A Bar at the Folies-Bergère which has been described by art h …

5 807 Musée du Louvre
Le Louvre a eu le grand honneur de recevoir mardi dernier, jour de fermeture du musée au public, les experts du grand maître espagnol Franc …

Contenus muséaux les plus diffusés sur twitter

255 The British Library
Happy birthday to Virginia Woolf, born #onthisday in 1882. Here’s an extract from a draft of her novel ‘Mrs Dalloway’.

180 Saatchi Gallery
We love this photo of Picasso #dancing in his studio with his wife Jacqueline Roque. Photo by David Douglas Duncan #art

170 Museum of Modern Art
Here’s a great timeline of Edvard Munch’s work and life: died 69 years ago today.

148 New York Transit Museum
5 for coffee? 6 for bread? Visit @GrandCentralNYC on Feb 1 and experience prices from 100 years ago! #GCT100

140 Saatchi Gallery
Happy birthday to Manet who was born today in 1832. Here’s his famous painting A Bar at the Folies-Bergre #art

136 National Museum of American History
Pres. Thomas Jefferson was the first to take the oath of office in Washington, D.C., in the unfinished Capitol building. #inaug2013

126 National Museum of American History
Pres. Kennedy was first to invite a poet to read at his inauguration. Robert Frost recited this:

118 Saatchi Gallery
Check out Jonty Hurwitz’s anamorphic sculptures which are distorted until placed by a cylindrical mirror! #reflect #art

115 British Museum
This snow mammoth has been spotted outside the Museum! Perhaps he is making his way to #IceAgeArt?

109 Victoria and Albert Museum
Happy #V_and_Afreebiefriday everyone! Today we are giving away a life size cut-out of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Informations fournies par museum-analytics

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