Baromètre mondial de partage social des contenus muséaux – Janvier 2013 (Museum Analytics)

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Chaque mois, le site du Clic France publie le baromètre mensuel mondial de la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux des contenus muséaux établi par Museum Analytics. En janvier 2013, trois des contenus du Louvre ont figuré dans le top 10 des contenus muséaux les plus relayés sur facebook dans le Monde.  

Contenus muséaux les plus “partagés” sur Facebook

23 161 Saatchi Gallery
Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” has been reproduced on a devastated building in Syria by artist Tammam Azzam

5 807 Musée du Louvre
L’Union du Dessin et de la Couleur, Guido Reni (1575-1642). Le sujet met en parallèle la vie conjugale et les rapports liant le Dessin, sous …

5 719 Tate
Happy birthday Jackson Pollock, born today 1912. How does his painting make you feel?

5 537 Saatchi Gallery
The American artist Dorothea Tanning, best known for her surrealist paintings, died today in 2012 at the age of 101

4 484 Saatchi Gallery
Happy weekend everyone! Wouldn’t it be great to be flying off somewhere exotic in Joana Vasconcelos’ Lilicoptere, made with a Bell 47 helico ...

4 346 Metropolitan Museum of Art
Friday at 6:30 p.m. join Met employee Lucy Redoglia as she talks about the celebrations of everyday life throughout history during the galle ...

3 997 Musée du Louvre
A qui appartient cette tête ?

3 994 Musée du Louvre
L’Empereur Trajan porte ici la couronne civique (98-117 ap. J.-C.), Grande Galerie, aile Denon, musée du Louvre. Ancienne collection Borghès …

3 890 Museum of Modern Art
Today would have been Jackson Pollock’s 101st birthday! Take a closer look at Pollock’s “One: Number 31, 1950” with MoMA’s conservation team …

3 750 Saatchi Gallery
One of Francis Bacon’s favourite phrases, paraphrasing Nietzsche, was: “Since everything’s so meaningless we might as well try to be extraor …

Contenus les plus “partagés” sur Twitter

511 Saatchi Gallery
Klimts The Kiss has been reproduced on a devastated building in #Syria by artist Tammam Azzam #ArabSpring #art

230 The British Library
#onthisday we celebrate the bicentenary of #JaneAustens #PrideandPrejudice which was first published on 28 Jan 1813

201 Tate
Happy birthday Jackson Pollock, born today 1912. How does his painting make you feel?

186 Saatchi Gallery
Happy #birthday to Jackson #Pollock, born today in 1912. Here he is in his studio in 1950 photographed by Hans Namuth

160 The British Library
We’re giving away a #MughalIndia exhibition book today! RT this message by 5pm to enter.

136 State Hermitage Museum

131 Metropolitan Museum of Art
Happy birthday to Jackson Pollock, born on this day in 1912. Celebrate with his painting Autumn Rhythm (Number 30).

125 National Museum of American History
Today in 1960: 4 black college students in Greensboro, NC, sit down at this Woolworth’s counter & ask for service

124 Tate
Happy birthday Jackson Pollock, born today 1912. How does his painting make you feel?

112 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Happy birthday to art collector, philanthropist, and our founder, Solomon R. Guggenheim, born today in 1861

Source: Museum Analytics

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