Le Musée Thyssen de Madrid dévoile ses projets numériques

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Temps de lecture : 4 min

Guillermo Miranda et Javier Espadas Bardon du Musée Thyssen de Madrid répondent -en anglais- aux questions du CLIC sur leurs projets numériques et notamment leur nouveau moteur de recherche Art Muse. En s’appuyant sur Google, cette plateforme a pour objectif de fédérer les sites internet des musées du monde et de créer un moteur de recherche commun permettant d’aller surfer dans l’ensemble des collections.


Let’s speak first about your digital organization at Museo Thyssen. Which department and how many people are involved in digital matters (website, audioguide, mobile app, 3D, digitalization …) ?

In digital matters two departments are involved :
. IT department: 2 people
. Educathyssen: 2 people

What is the audience of your website and other online tools ?

Period January-September 2010:
Website unique visitors: 1,018,113
Real visitors to the Museum: 561,962

Facebook fans (likes): 11.629
Twitter followers: 2.974

Are you running your website in house or through an agency?
Our website is ran in house by our team

Your website is in English and Spanish? No other language ?
No we dont offer other language at the moment

You have launched several interesting online services. Time line ; how to discover a painting how have you launched this kind of original online services ?

The content development ideas usually come from different sources, mainly from Web and New Media Initiatives in IT department, but proposals can also come from other departments. Anyway contents are always agreed with involved departments. We work permanently with curators and with outside developers who are proposing solutions to specific contents and ideas.

You have an important web TV on the site and on Youtube. Are you doing in house video production / shooting ? Are you doing partnerships with TV stations ?

We do in house production but with outside producers for our 2 networks : Thyssen Channel or Educathyssen Channel. We dont have partnership with TV Stations at the moment.


You have large digital education department. How is it managed  ?

Our digital education projects are managed exclusively by the Museum education department (educathyssen). Of course in connexion with lots of institutions, including in the field of education.

You have over 400 clips on educathyssen YouTube. How did you do this ?

We do it working hardly. We mainly produced these video content in house with some outside production companies. Our videos are used by lots of teachers. And we also offer other interactive multimedia contents for teachers.

You have 5 different blogs. How are they managed ?  isn’t it too much time consuming ?

Blogs are very personal and they are each managed by each author.

You are using the entire major social networks platforms. What do you think is the most efficient to conquer/attract new public or to get loyalty with your visitors ?

Facebook and Twitter are the most interesting platforms to get loyalty. But the main thing is not the platform, but what I want to do with it. There are many possibilities with the same tool. We have for example four accounts in Facebook with different people and different projects.

How many subscribers to you newsletters ?
Suscribers to Newsletter: 12,743

Do you organize special events for your members of the social communities ?
We are working to create a special program for Facebook fans.


When did you launch Art Muse ? Did you launched with Google ? What is your objectives ?

We launched it last year, but not with Google. Marketing to the other museums and general audience is being doing through Twitter. The main objective is offer a platform for people interested in Museums. At the moment there are 102 Museums. There is no database; it searches on the websites of these museums.

You have your own online ticketing system. What is the share of tickets which are sold through the online platform?
Sales and reservations for groups and activities: 100%
Individual tickets: 5%

Do you have audio guide? If yes is it only audio or multimedia?

Yes we have an audio guide and signo guides. It is with fee and is managed by a concession. We have a project for a new multimedia guide.

What kind of projects / developments you have inside the museum? Are you working on large screen, 3D screen, multitouch table?

We have a project that is going to be presented this month. It is a touch screens project for visitors with information of all works exhibit at the Museum and its locations, with all artists and his works, and with the Time Line of the Museum.

Do you have some projects for the mobile?

Yes we have a project for a mobile app (iPhone, Android, etc…), but we need a sponsor. It is going to be free of charge. It is going to be in general with a special focus on community.

Do you have a dream regarding museum and technology?
No exactly, maybe a semantic project or more collaboration with other Museums.

Retrouvez la brève sur le moteur de recherche Art Muse lancé par le musée Thyssen et le site internet de l’institution.

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